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My name is Ji Gu. I’m the founder of the Gu Qi Dao method. Let me support and guide you to get more energy and vitality with my unique online program.

Gu = to take care of 
Qi = energy
Dao = way, philosophy

= Gu Qi Dao – The Way to Master your Energy

Who wouldn’t like to go through life with more energy and vitality? Whatever your daily challenges may be, Gu Qi Dao is an effective way to maintain your balance and strengthen your body and mind.
Gu Qi Dao is a unique Chinese movement practice that will boost your wellbeing. Its philosophy is based on Tai Chi and Qigong. It is related to Bruce Lee’s style of Kung Fu and was further developed by master Ji Gu so it can easily be learned by anyone:

A simple, modern blend of Kung Fu with Tai Chi and Qigong.

Master Ji Gu


How can Chinese chopsticks boost your health and energy?

Nunchakuai are Chinese chopsticks connected by a ribbon. They are the main piece of equipment used for Gu Qi Dao. Nunchakuai train your dexterity, sensitivity and coordination as well as your physical and mental mobility. Through a sequence of smooth, flowing movements, your whole system will relax.

Find out more about the Nunchakuai Energy Dance and benefit from the inspiring training program developed by Master Ji Gu.

3 minutes for more energy with GU QI DAO

Watch this clip for an insight into Master Ji Gu’s movement practice:

Looks interesting? Book Master Ji Gu’s online program for energy on demand. Discover and strengthen your resources with this energetic movement program.


Master Ji doesn’t promise to make you invincible but more balanced and more comfortable in your own skin.

CEO, France

I’ve learned to understand how opposites connect: strength and flexibility, tension and relaxation, control and letting go… just like in real life!

architect, Poland

Gu Qi Dao is highly beneficial for us musicians. We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves when we perform, harming our health along the way…

violinist, Japan

I am surprised that in Gu Qi Dao you can progress very quickly and improve your physical condition in general.

general practitioner, Austria