Master Ji Gu

The martial artist for energy renewal

Master Ji Gu has developed an extraordinary method to guide people on their way to more energy. His Gu Qi Dao concept combines modern mindfulness training with self-defense. Born into a family of artists in 1969, Ji built his career in martial arts. After decades of training, Master Ji Gu started teaching energy work and martial arts in Europe in 1993. He has been trained in traditional Chinese martial arts by renowned masters like Gu Liuxin, Fu Zhong Wen and Yang Zhen Duo.


Gu Qi Dao, an energy concept for modern life

Ji Gu soon noticed that traditional martial arts no longer met the modern needs of everyday life. That’s why he developed Gu Qi Dao, which he has been teaching since 2009.  . Ji has presented his innovative concept to a broader public at numerous performances, such as the Festival des Arts Martiaux de Bercy in Paris. One of the unique elements of his method are Nunchakuai, Chinese chopsticks connected by a ribbon. They are a highly effective tool to train dexterity, concentration and self-defense movements. Gu Qi Dao has been an official discipline of the French FWDA Fédération Wushu et Disciplines Associées since 2018.