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vivons mieux ! live better GU QI DAO 顾气道 - art de vivre, art martial  



All martial arts knew how to synthetize, at their times, a thought, a spirit, correlated to a specific historical, social and cultural background, offering a set of martial techniques and a philosophical theory to a group of people.


Through the concrete answers provided by Gu Qi Dao, following these recent changes in the world of martial arts, we can see that Gu Qi Dao contributes to the revival of traditional martial arts. Because all the current problems related to these recent developments are not clearly solved yet, entirely, by the various traditional martial arts.


Some concrete answers for updating martial arts provided by Gu Qi Dao :


1. Gu Qi Dao is based on techniques and knowledges of traditional chinese martial arts while transforming a part of its gesture in order to move closer to the everyday gesture. The practice comes into everyday life and everyday life comes into the practice. In this very same spirit, Gu Qi Dao uses an imaging to name movements, like traditional martial arts, but the imaging is directly linked to everyday gesture, its reality makes it easier to memorize the sequences. For example : “do you hair”, “take a book”, instead of “fair lady works at shuttles”, or “ride the dragon”. These transformations make Gu Qi Dao accessible to the greatest number.


2. Gu Qi Dao reveals at most the secrets of traditional martial arts. Before, the most efficient training techniques and methods were studied, if kinship be, after several years of relationship with the master. Now, they are learned as soon as the practitioner is able to do them. For example : weapons in many chinese schools are learned after 5 or 10 years of practice, sanshou (free fight) is practiced after several years, and static meditative postures are only partly revealed. Gu Qi Dao updated traditional weapons replacing them with everyday objects (book, umbrella, chopsticks) and it offers to do exercises with these accessories as soon as motivation and abilities of practitioner allow it.


3. Gu Qi Dao offers a set of techniques which can be more effective in terms of martial efficiency and health strengthening. For example : using one hand to help the other one, more intensity in static meditative postures, and a larger range of height or speed variation in the sequences. This efficiency represents a timesaving in a period when we run after time.


4. Gu Qi Dao offers a complete practice of the different sides which make up martial arts : static Qi Gong (rest posture), moving Qi Gong (energy shower), sequences training (chi tao), energy training in pairs (Tui Shen), fighting training in pairs (San Bo), as well as weapon training (accessories). The practitioner trains a minimum in every aspect of practice to acquire fundamentals. Afterwards, if he wishes, he may specialize in a chosen domain. A minimum knowledge of the complete range which makes up martial arts in general is provided, allowing to consider the depth of energetic and martial arts.


5. Gu Qi Dao techniques build on eight simple fundamental principles, anchored in everyday life. In this sense, it modernizes the theoretical and philosophical message of traditional martial arts and besides, it completes the combat sports which do not offer specific philosophical and theoretical frame. Gu Qi Dao, developing renewed martial techniques, delivers a theoretical and philosophical message adapted to present time. It does not create any split between sportive, leisure, self-defence, health or spiritual accomplishment practice. All these sides of energy and martial practice can co-exist, Gu Qi Dao fully intends to prove it and to share its benefits to more and more practitioners in the coming years.


Sébastien Zacharie, Martial Arts expert, Gu Qi Dao teacher, Paris 2017



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